Monday, August 27, 2012

Idaho for Nykelle's 1st birthday party!

So Jon just started grad school at the University of Utah on the 20th of this month! So proud! But while he was in school me and Oakley ventured together to Idaho. My friend Alex was throwing her little girls first birthday there, and I'll take any chance I can to see her since she lives in Vegas.

The party turned out so adorable. Alex does the most amazing job at putting parties together. I should have had her plan my wedding;) haha. Well I helped her set up and stuff and Oakley went and spent the some days at her grandma Parker's house. I help Alex make the cake. It turned out pretty cute. It had some sinking issues but we managed to cover that up haha.

Oakley had so much fun at the party. There was a bounce house which she had a blast on. Somersaulting everywhere. She loved Nykelle's presents. She tried opening them before Nykelle could. And helped a little too much when it was time. She really loved playing with my friend Saundra's little boy Carter.

Another great part of the party was that all our friends were there. It was such a fun little reunion. I miss cheering with those girls so much. We had so much fun! It still is a blast. We just laugh and laugh. At the end of the night we got the good old stunt group together and tried out some stunts! I was a little worried since its been FIVE years since we've stunted! I was pleasantly surprised how easily we got Saundra up! It's like riding a bike I suppose. It was soo much fun! That was my absolute favorite part of cheering. It's working out without really realizing you are working out. Ah, I miss it!
We had such a good trip and we are so happy to be back home with Jon.
She went off on her own to play with Nykelle's toys.
The cake
Super cute decorations and delicious food!

Sexy Six! Reunited:)
Had sooo much fun bouncing.
Giving Nykelle birthday hugs and kisses.
Oakley and Kinsley stealing the fondant off the cake.

Last but not least, our mad stunting skills!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby shower for Bennett!

Last week I threw my sister a baby shower with the help of her friend, mother in law and my mom! It was a lot of fun.
Throwing parties stresses me out too much. I love it but it won't be happening any time soon. Besides Oakley's birthday.
The party turned out great. It was really windy and hot though! So the really cute banner I made fell apart :(.
My cake turned out great! I'd say it's pretty good for not being a professional haha. I enjoy making cakes but it is kind of hard. I think I need to correct tools :).
I am so excited for Bennett to be here so I can hold and kiss him! But we are all hoping he will stay in as long as possible and that he is healthy as can be!
I love my sister and admire her strength. This pregnancy has been quite the roller coaster for her.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our precious little girl

This little girl is so amazing! She is growing up so fast. She loves to go go go! 

Little update on her! 

22 months old.

Loves to sing. She breaks out in song all day long.

Hates being carried anywhere.

SOOO in-dependant. 

Goes to bed pretty well. Still gets out of bed a couple times before she actually goes to sleep.

A big drama queen. She will be upset and cry, but then the cry turns totally fake haha. 

Very good at stalling. At bed time she will give me tons of kisses, hugs, and highfives. She doesn't do that very often.. Just when she knows it will let her stay up that much longer. 

I can't believe she will be TWO in TWO months! 

I love watching her grow! I love being her mommy! Our family definitely wouldn't be the same with out her! 

Singing the Star Spangled Banner..
You can understand the "Oh say can you see" pretty well.
The second part is just gibberish sounding but she is really saying "By the dawns early light"
The tune is there, she just needs to work on the words:)

Singing Soft Kitty, from the big bang theory..
She says YAY, meow, meow, meow at the end because there is a YouTube video of these two girls singing the song and they do that at the end.. haha.. This is my favorite some that she sings.

Wedding/Fab Five Fun!

My friend Megan got married on Saturday the 23rd. We went to the wedding in the morning then waited for them to come out of the temple. They looked so great! Megan looked SO gorgeous! Her dress was amazing! She was a stunning bride! JC looked pretty handsome himself! Great looking couple:)

After the wedding we went to the luncheon. The food was so awesome. There was Mexican, American, Italian and Chinese food and yummy ice cream too! It was so much fun hanging out with the FAB FIVE!

Later that night we went to the reception. It was so beautiful! It was at a ranch, and was decorated so pretty! There were mini hamburgers, s'mores, cotton candy, frozen yogurt bar, and cake! It was a very nice reception.

Three weddings down, two to go! 
Come on Kate and Bridge! :)

I love these girls so much and I am so happy to have them in my lives. 
They bring out the best/crazy in me:)

We went out to dinner Monday after the wedding with all the girls and the newlyweds and Bridgette's boyfriend came as well. We had a blast. Laughing till we cried, about who knows what really haha. Then we went to get frozen yogurt. It was a fun night. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Always have to do a crazy pic.

To Idaho again!

Jon and Oakley stayed in Idaho while I was gone in Vegas. Oakley had so much fun with her dad, Grandparents and Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Ryan. I'm sure she was spoiled rotten! She went to bed well for Jon, which is the one thing that I was worried about leaving her!

She went to swimming lessons a few of the days. When I got back I went with her one of the days. She did not want to be swimming with me haha, we left early that day.

The night we got back we went to the Chuckers game with Alex and her family. They are such an awesome family. I love them! Oakley had so much fun following Kinsley around. She loves older kids.

They look like they are so in to the game.. this was probably the only time they actually sat.

We went over to the Birds the next day and played for a little and jumped on the trampoline. Again, Oakley had so much fun following Kinsley around.

Cute little best friends:)

I am so grateful to have Alex as my friend! I am so happy that we have stayed in touch after highschool! We have grown even closer, even though we live farther away! Wish we lived in the same town! But Vegas IS fun to visit!


I went to Vegas for a few days to visit my BFF Alex and her family! Jon stayed in Idaho and watched Oakley. This is the first time I have left Oakley for that long! It was hard:( I had so much fun though!

We went to eat at delicious restaurants! I don't know what I will do not having all those places here in Salt Lake!

We shopped. I bought way too many shoes:) I have a shoe addiction! She took me to a store that sells shoes that start at $3.99! Great deal!

We went to the strip one night and went to a buffet called The Wicked Spoon. It was very fancy food. Not what I expected going to a buffet. The food was good but I was looking forward to all the delicious desserts. Those weren't that great though:(

We swan lots and soaked up the sun! It was a very fun and relaxing vacation! Thanks Mulcocks for being great to me!

Alex flew back to Idaho Falls with her girls so we could go to our friends wedding! It sure was an adventure making our way through the Vegas airport with two little ones. We did awesome though:)

Yummy french toast at The Hash House.
Nothing Bunt Cakes....SOOO good!
Our buffet food..haha
Paszookie? I think that is what they were called.. 
My new favorite dessert!

Had fun with these cuties..While missing mine:(
One night we facetimed with Oakley and her and Kinsley played simon was the cutest thing ever!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to Idaho.

We have been in Idaho Falls visiting our families since Sunday. We've had a nice relaxing time visiting. Jon and I went to the temple on Wednesday morning. It was the first time going to the Idaho Falls temple. Pretty weird seeing as that's where we are from haha. It was so nice! I love going to the temple with Jon:)

Today we went to iJump. We went during the kid time and Oakley had so much fun! It was so nice cause there were no big kids there! We didn't have to worry at all about a big kid trampling her. I even through out some flips. Oakley thought it was hilarious.

I had a chance to go to dinner with my friends. We went to Garcia's and got free fried ice cream for katelyns birthday. Yum!! It's always nice to chat and catch up! I love my girls! We were just missing Alex! Missed you!

We've had so much fun hanging with family. Picnics and visiting. Oakley loves trips to Idaho.